If They Think What’s Happening Is Cool

The title of the post is my answer to an extremely interesting article from io9 about what age is too young for youngsters to be exposed to darker stories.  Or even stories with darker elements — apparently Finding Nemo can be traumatic for a child of five.

Though I understand and respect the concerns, to me this seems like much ado about entirely too little.  (Then again, I have never been a parent.  So I’ll understand if you want to purchase the contents of a salt factory to chase my words.)  Each child develops at his or her own pace.  I had Tolkien read to me at five, and had seen a slug crawl into Chekov’s ear multiple times by eight.  Those experiences do not seem to have irreparably marred my childhood or hindered my maturation process.  As far as I know…

Children get scared from time to time.  If they do, put the book or movie away and try again in six months.  They’re not so breakable as all that.

Agree? Disagree?

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