Your Morning Do’s and Don’ts

Do click on this link, a review of a book available on Kindle.

Don’t read the review too thoroughly, as it is (though fairly good) not the real reason to visit the link.

Do read the comments.

Don’t drink anything while reading.

Do take some time to feel sorry for the author,* who has almost certainly scuppered her future literary efforts after succumbing to a momentary lapse of good sense.

Don’t ever do what she did.

* — Yes, I know the temptation to give in to schadenfreude can be overwhelming when confronted with situations like this.  Still, we should always try to keep in mind that there’s a real person somewhere into the world attached to those words we’re mocking, and she can see replies from all of us.  I’d be willing to wager a fairly large sum that she is already feeling miserable, and she has already received more correction than could ever be needed.  Do any of us really want to be the last straw?

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