NaShoStoMo? What an Idea!

Just a quick post. I went to see Sucker Punch today, but I won’t be writing about that until tomorrow. I’m still busy working on my short fiction. (The last few have been considerably over 500 words, so I don’t really have a good justification for calling them Pentacentas.) I thought writing a piece of short fiction a day would be a great technique to ensure I had to write.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Dan Wells has started NaShoStoMo, similar to the now-famous NaNoWriMo, in which participants agree to write a short story of over 200 words every day for the month of April. It makes me gratified in a sense that someone else thought of the same idea I did. Of course, it also makes me miffed that I had my writing-and-revising schedule set in stone so that fully participating became impossible.

(Yes, I could always just release what I have already written, unedited — au naturale, as it were. But something in me recoils at the thought…it would feel like walking outside while undressed, which would do nobody any good, I promise you. It’s the same reason I have not participated in NaNoWriMo to date.)

In any case, I will be participating fully starting Monday, and following others on Twitter who are. I hope some of them will come here and follow me as well.

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  1. A teacher recommended that I visit your site. I’m glad that I’m here.

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