Pentacentas Start Tomorrow!

Well, not precisely Pentacentas anymore.

Many of the stories I’ve written thus far (all of which have yet to be edited) are coming in at well over a 500-word length. Nor do I consider this bad. It’s a result of my having some fun with the ideas and characters, wanting to play around with references, and the like. When the first one goes live tomorrow, it will indeed be somewhere around 500 words. In the future, though, I’ll only try to keep the length under 1000, and call them by the far less pretentious (and far less fun) name of “flash fiction.” Which is what they are.

A word of caution: I will be bouncing back and forth between genres as much as I may be bouncing around between lengths. So far, I have a riff on a well-worn science fiction premise, and a couple other science fiction stories that are a bit more original but try to end with a Twilight Zone punch. I have something you might consider fantasy, something that definitely is, and a bizarre sort of fairytale. There’s even a superhero story in the mix. No horror yet — but give it some time.

My point is: if you don’t like the story you read today, cheer up. You may well like the one tomorrow better. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy enough of them to keep coming back, and perhaps to share them with your friends. Building community is one of the things this exercise is about.

And don’t forget to check out NaShoStoMo for other writers doing the same thing. I will be!

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