Links Galore

Well, links ga-four, anyway.

1)  The chance to have one’s name in a Brandon Sanderson book?  This would be the perfect birthday present for me to give myself!  If, of course, it weren’t months to my birthday.  And if I had the money.  But if you’re reading this, neither of those concerns need necessarily hold much weight with you…at least not when it comes to bidding on my behalf!

2) A sad reminder that having a high concept isn’t enough to save a show.  For those who’ve seen Outcasts, though, I doubt there will be much surprise at the ultimate decision.

3) Playing off my link a few days ago about the possible pitfalls that can occur when old mindsets collide with new media, John Scalzi has another example.  (By this, I mean to say that I am playing off myself.  John Scalzi is not referencing me.  John Scalzi does not know I exist.  Which is fine with me, as I’m simply thrilled to be able to share a universe with him.)

4) Oh, dear.  Perfect.  (Via Grasping for the Wind.)

Well, that was inspiring.  I’ll be off building up my puny muscles so I can audition for the lead in the inevitable stage musical.  You may leave your thoughts in the interim, if you so desire.  I will try not to crush them.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage!

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