Cracked vs. Fantasy Universes [NSFW]

I very rarely visit Cracked.  My friends enjoy it, however.  And I have never been averse to profiting from the hard work of someone else.  So I rely on them to forward me things that I might enjoy.  That way I avoid a potentially misspent block of time, which I can then misspend on other things entirely.

The only downside to this approach:  the things they forward me are so uniformly suited to my taste that I briefly feel each time as though Cracked and I are missing out on a special relationship.  If I ever give into the impulse to visit the main page, and it turns out that Cracked has been the site of my dreams all along, I am going to mourn those lost years we could have had together.

Ahem.  Anyway.  Why would living in certain popular fantasy universes be so bad?  Whether your sacred cow find itself skewered or not, you have to admit the brilliance of the piece.

Did I mention NSFW?

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