How Do You Get Publicity?

Gentle readers,

One reason I found it so easy to drop this blog earlier in the year is that I was discouraged by the lack of feedback I got on my stories. I knew some people were visiting my site, but they never left tangible tracks. No comments or e-mails for me to read for encouragement or feedback. I never understood why bloggers felt such a need for those comments. I do now.

So I’ve been putting some thought into how one might get readers here. Hijacking your computer is probably out of the question, so failing that:

Leaving comments on other blogs. Of course, this is very time-consuming. But then again, that’s probably why very few people left comments here. Perhaps if I put out the efforts first, I could induce them to come for a visit and leave a calling card.

Writing reviews, and inviting the authors to read them. Eventually, I plan to start up a regular review series for Kindle novels, whose authors are just starving for publicity. The quickest way to achieve some attention for me might be to give it to others first. Of course, I suppose I would have to give mostly or exclusively positive reviews, because otherwise I would get really bad publicity and have a flame war on my hands. There’s a simple way to solve that, though. I could only review books that I like.

Starting a conversation between blogs. Find another blogger who similarly wants publicity, and agree to start a friendly debate over a topic of mutual interest. As long as things didn’t get hostile, we could both benefit together from increased attention.

Paying for advertisements. At the moment, out of the question.

Writing a book. Similarly out of the question, I think…at least for now. Though, maybe…

Can you guys think of any other ways I might be able to publicize this blog?

And if you do, could you tell me? In a comment?

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  1. Just stopping by to say thank you! Christmas came early … it was such a nice surprise to see your review for MEMORIA. (OK, I admit it, I googled myself and I’ve been refreshing all day.) Anyway, I think focusing on reviews of independent authors is a great idea, plus it would increase traffic to your blog. (I found you, didn’t I? 🙂 If you haven’t come across it already, here’s a directory of reviewers that might be useful. You may want to consider adding your site:

    Thanks again for such an insightful review (and for the feedback, too, all very helpful)! I’m off to share … Best, ES

    • Believe me, Elizabeth, it was my pleasure. And thank you for the story. Hope you’ll keep coming back!

      I will definitely make time to look at that site more closely. Besides getting myself a little free publicity, it might also turn me on to some really great reads!

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