A Sincere Thank You, and a Request for Input

I am sorry to say that I didn’t have time to compile a prospective list of classic films to review, so I don’t have a review of one for this week.  Instead, I have decided to use this space for something else.  Two something elses, actually.

The first is to express my gratitude to the people who have visited and commented.  When I started this site in March of this year, I received very few visitors (26 hits on my best day) and almost never got comments.  As a result, my motivation was undercut, and I abandoned the blog rather than finding a way to work through it.  Now, in just my second week back, people are commenting, and my hits flirted with the triple digits one day.  I realize that’s a paltry sum on the World Wide Web, but it’s just exciting to know that one is being read and appreciated.

So welcome.  Keep coming back.  Tell your friends if you find anything here that you think is valuable.  And thank you. 

The second is to ask you, now that I finally have some of you to ask, what you would like to see in this space.  I’ve been bouncing around several ideas for what to do with it, and I expect I’ll get to them all sooner or later.  But my question is:  What would you like to see first?

A.  Reviews of great, important, and influential science-fiction/fantasy novels

B.  Reviews of great, important, and influential science-fiction/fantasy films

C.  A set of reviews where I trace one author, sci-fi or fantasy, book by book through their career, to see how they developed

D.  A hybrid set of reviews, where I first write about an important science-fiction/fantasy novel, and then write about its movie adaptation(s)

Leave your input below.  Whatever you choose is what I’ll tackle first.  There will be stories each weekend morning, and I’ll be back Monday evening with a review of the new science-fiction anthology Heir Apparent.

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