What’s Your Universe?

Yesterday I posted a link to a piece on high-risk careers in the types of fiction we love so much.  That got me to thinking about something other than careers.  If I could live in any fictional universe of my acquaintance, which universe would I live in?  So I decided to answer the question.

Immediately eliminated:  any fantasy universe that takes place in the distant past, or in any sort of pre-modern civilization.  I like my creature comforts too much.  Air conditioning is lovely.  Sorry, Middle-Earth.

None of Joss Whedon’s fantasy works, thank you.  I would either be the person chased by the monster, the person chasing the monster, or the monster.  None of those types has a high survival rate.

There’s no point in choosing to live in an insular sci-fi world unless you’re one of the ones on the inside.  So Dr. Who would only be fun if I got to travel with Dr. Who.  And that would eventually end with me getting ditched anyhow.

The Star Wars universe pre-Empire has a lot of creature comforts in the heart of the Republic, so it might not be a bad choice, except that I would then have a high probability of living in the Star Wars universe during the Empire.  That would be no fun.  And I always have to keep in mind that I probably wouldn’t be rich in these worlds.  You want to choose the ones with the best middle-class lifestyle.

I would not look good with a comically large mouth.  No anime.

The Federation has hundreds of planets, and seems to be relatively at peace.  The technology level is high, too.  I would be in a good environment even if I didn’t serve aboard a starship.  So I suppose that has to be my choice.  As long as I can stay away from ships named Enterprise, I could live a long and happy life with no disturbances.

What about you?  What world would you choose?

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