Links for June 12, 2012

Okay, so they’re taking great care in the update of Total Recall.  And to be fair, the trailer looks superb.  I will probably go see the movie, and I’ll probably even review it for this site, though I’m unhappy with the jettisoning of the Mars angle.  But the big question still remains.  Why update a film that was done so well?  I don’t think the time has yet arrived where “Because we can make it so much more cool” is a sufficient answer, though I’m willing to be proven wrong.

Robert Jackson Bennett explains the danger of cool ideas.  The short version:  those ideas can sabotage your story by taking it over or sending it off-course.  I learned a great deal in reading it, and I recommend it highly.

Two valuable pieces over at RevolutionSF.  First is a somewhat sarcastic look at the “adopted” joke in The Avengers.  My personal take:  this should be labeled a non-troversy.  While I don’t wish to devalue anyone’s feelings, those who were so greatly offended by Thor’s laugh line that they campaigned against it should probably devote a little more effort to solving the actual problems that adopted and foster children face.  (Full disclosure:  I was not adopted, nor was I a foster child.)

Second, a lovely retrospective on Ray Bradbury.

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