Links for June 14, 2012: All About Writing

All links today courtesy of the invaluable — you should make it a daily visit.

Want to write?  Don’t plan small, plan large.  Perhaps even a dozen books a year.  My prediction:  with Kindle, you’ll see more and more authors taking on this “serial” mentality.  Why not, after all?  Write twelve slim novels a year, sell an average of just 2000 copies of each at the now-standard $2.99 price, and your royalties will be over $45,000.

Want to publish independently?  Chuck Wendig urges you to go indie for its own sake, and not for any other reason.  He’s exactly right, too.  Being an indie author means you can make more money with minor successes, you are able to set your own release schedule, and you can start earning a living from Day One.  It also means you are voluntarily foregoing the still-substantial advertising and editorial advantages offered by publishing houses, and you will labor from Day One under a cloud of suspicion that you couldn’t “make it.”  Make the choice for its own sake, not as a rejection of the other.

Another reason indie publishing is the future — Fanado, a site to connect fans with artists on an intimate level.  Margaret Atwood is involved, so you know the writer’s interests will be well-represented.

Leigh Bardugo gives us a slim post on world-building, which nevertheless points out some very valuable questions that need to be asked when constructing your settings and placing your characters in them.

Mike Brotherton tells us why we need science fiction.  I have some thoughts on his thoughts, but I don’t have time to sort through them and tap out a full post today.  Perhaps next week.

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