Links for June 19, 2012

More money made from e-books than hardcover books last quarter.  The times, they are a-changin’.  With the cheaper price of e-books and the ability to read them on free programs you can download to your computer, anyone with a magic box has both the opportunity and incentive to join the revolution.

Fewer people are going to the movies — less than 5% attend “frequently.”  This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Tickets cost a lot, and concession prices are through the roof.  So many people with bad manners feel free to text or talk in the theater, blissfully unaware of the fate they face.  And as movies get bigger and bigger, there are fewer and fewer made.

Speaking of big movies — did Loki win in The Avengers?

Expect me to respond to this post on why magic shouldn’t need rules within a couple of days.

Should we allow our characters to be unapologetic “exceptions to the rule?”  Here’s a strong argument why we should.

Brandon Sanderson talks The Way of Kings.  At some point, I’ll need to read it.  I love Sanderson.  Platonically.

From Jared Garrett, a dispiriting workshop experience spawns a great resolution:  100 Days of Positive.  I’m a little late to the party, Jared, but I’ll join you.

We close on a down note today, as a great small business goes under.  My friends, I’m stepping up on my soapbox.  If you have a small business like this in your community that you value, you have to support it.  Otherwise you won’t keep it.  And anyone who’s been to a great comic book store knows that losing one is all downside.

(Most links today via Grasping for the Wind.)

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