The Dangers of Self-Censorship

Do you have this problem as well?

I want to write.  Fiction, particularly.  I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember, ever since I first realized that those biographies and fantasies and children’s books I loved were written by people.  What’s that?  There are people who write as a career?  Where do I sign up?

The problem was that I didn’t know how to get started. (more…)

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Two Writing Links I Found Fascinating

Moreover, they make a perfect matched set.

The first: an example of “judicious reading” from SF&F Novelists.  I think Gardner does this sort of thing very well, precisely because he makes obvious what we knew all along.  I have read War of the Worlds perhaps half a dozen times, and every time I read that opening paragraph I got exactly the impressions and had exactly the reactions he describes.  Every time. Without even once being conscious of them.  What technique Wells had!  I must remember to try this on a few short passages in some of my personal favorites, and see what I uncover.

The second: Ann Wilkes, coming from the opposite end of the spectrum, reports on why she needs her nephew’s inquisitive nature when building a world.  Description also seems to be my weak point in my writing, but for a different reason:  when I am writing an involved scene, I’m there.  It never occurs to me to write about any detail besides the ones I must notice to tell the story to a reader, and often not even those — because they’re so obvious to me that they barely seem worth mentioning.  Yes, paradoxical.  And apparently how my mind works.

Perhaps writing is, in essence, the art of being obvious.  Thoughts?

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The Importance of a Writing Goal

Just a quick update, as I have somewhere to be.

So, as promised, I have started writing the first Pentacentas, and am having some trouble sticking to my goal of one per day.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  (Isn’t that terribly inconvenient?)  I had hoped to write three by now.  Instead, I have two…although I must say that I am awfully happy with those two!

Once I have a chance to edit them, they will appear here.  Hopefully the first will be ready in time for Monday.  In the meantime, as I struggle to get back on track, does anyone have any suggestions about how best to approach my writing so as to achieve my goal of 500 words per day?

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